What is a Business Community?

Most likely, you are using an online community approach that works very well for end users or mass consumer profiles but only achieves the same results in business-to-business settings.

What you need is to work with a Business Community.

A Business Community is a unit of social interaction, a group of people who share something in common but who are there on behalf of business interests, that is, on behalf of a company, a functional area of ​​a company, an association, a union, a business support organization, a chamber of commerce or even an entire economic sector.

Business communities are convened and managed by a business-type actor who seeks to achieve a specific objective of his strategic plan and invites other business actors who can align their own goals and objectives with the aim of the community.

They are Communities where relationships, connections, and exchanges are the main content. So, more than single posts, the most important thing is content that intentionally generates relationships between participants.

One of the important factors within a company is that there is a solid structure that helps solve any problem, facilitates the evolution of the organization, and increases the potential of those who work in it.

Internal communication is a topic that companies have recently taken up. However, it must be emphasized that it is an area of ​​study that has been in the market for over two decades.

Writing Companies can spend thousands of pesos on innovation or face production problems. Its expansion will probably be postponed by the effects of the world economic crisis. They may have issues with suppliers and customers, but this can only be resolved by having a sustained business culture.

According to the Center for the Development of Business Competitiveness (Red Centro-CRECE), 75% of new Mexican companies must close their operations after just two years in the market. By the time they reach 10 years, only 10% of companies mature, succeed and grow.

This center also states that 60% of business problems result from poor communication. Although this is difficult to verify, the importance and impact of organizational communication and its internal structure are notable.

The founder and team leader of Asgar, a corporate innovation company in Latin America, strategic partner of the most important companies in Mexico and specialist in business development, Luis Gonzalez Aspuru, says that, for more than 20 years, Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihreich They approached it by arguing that the function of communication is to provide how organizational activity is unified and that it is essential for the internal functioning of the company, since it integrates all management functions.

Therefore, whoever is responsible for an organization must be highly trained in the field of communication since said person must commit to their company to achieve an efficient communication flow: the leader is the one who must lead by example and, at the same time, time, being a lookout for his collaborators.

In current times, the colloquial expression “Like a boss” has been used to refer to two connotations: on the one hand, to express that an activity was done in the manner of a true leader, that is, with style or ownership, with righteousness and care of the team, with motivation and not, with oppression; On the other hand, to designate a person who has too much confidence in himself and who cares little about the problems of others.

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